NEWS: Critically Acclaimed F*cking Men Transfers to The Vaults

After sell out runs in Edinburgh and London, the King’s Head Theatre production of F*cking Men will transfer to The Vaults Theatre in Waterloo for five weeks only. 


The show, inspired by Arthur Schnitzler’s classic La Ronde, is a story of interweaving tales of sexual power, discovery and exploration that is transported to a contemporary urban gay subculture.

Written by Joe DiPietro and directed by Mark Barford, F*cking Men shows 10 characters whose lives crisscross through a variety of encounters, asking whether gay men are trapped by monogamy, or whether their sexual encounters are fuelled by hunger for elusive, meaningful connections.

Performed by Richard De Lisle, Harper James and Haydn Whiteside, the production addressses a number of big topics including homophobia and HIV.

This latest version of the show sees the three actors performing a number of different characters, with each encounter swapping to the next. Always in pairs, meet the student, the soldier, the escort and so forth as the audience gets to understand their faults and their strengths, absorbing what they learn about themselves and others through their sexual encounters.

F*cking Men will play at The Vaults Theatre from the 2nd November until the 4th December. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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