REVIEW: Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway by Barbra Streisand

This is the perfect album for fans of musical theatre to enjoy – with some surprisingly good guest performers. 

The enduring power of Barbra Streisand’s voice continues to be strong with this her seventh number one album in the UK  and with a little help with some familiar faces has created another endearing and charming album that will go down well with fans and musical theatre fans.

Of course on hearing that she is singing with people such as Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin might have some people initially thinking “Can they sing? Are they worthy of singing with Barbra Streisand?” – all of those fears rapidly disappear with every track you listen to.

Particular standout songs include a wonderfully comic version of ‘Anything You Can Do’ from Annie Get Your Gun, with Streisand and McCarthy clearly having fun – with both women’s sense of comic timing perfect in every way, leaving the listener with a gigantic smile on their face, while Alec Baldwin’s charm and charisma are perfectly suited with Streisand’s sensitivity on ‘The Best Thing That Ever Happened’ from Road Show.

But there are plenty of surprises too. Who would have thought that Barbra Streisand teaming up with Jamie Foxx would be such a great idea? Their version of ‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain’ from The Sound of Music, shows how two opposing voices can actually work in perfect harmony. Or how about Chris Pine on the combination of ‘I’ll Be Seeing You/I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face’ which reveals a deeply rich and intriguing voice.

While some listening might not recognise some of the songs because they haven’t had much exposure over here, this is still a warm and richly varied album that has been carefully selected to showcase the vocals of all at their very best. It certainly thrills and delights from beginning to end.

If you have been considering whether or not to buy it because you don’t know the songs or don’t think certain duets would work, then I would say definitely give it a chance because it is certainly a big surprise – in a very good way.

Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway is available to buy and download through Amazon now. 

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤


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