PREVIEW: Fear and Love: Reactions to a Complex World, Design Museum

As one of the new exhibitions to open the new home of the Design Museum, Fear and Love will feature eleven new installations created by some of the world’s leading designers. 

Fear and Love.jpg

This new exhibition opening the new home of the Design Museum in Kensington will feature works by OMA, Hussein Chalayan, Kenya Hara and Neri Oxman to explore a number of issues that define our time including  networked sexuality, sentient robots, slow fashion and settled nomads.

Fear and Love aims to reveal how design is connected to urgent underlying issues that bring up the emotions of love and fear.

Justin McGuirk, Chief Curator at the Design Museum explained: “When the Design Museum opened in 1989, the first exhibition, Commerce and Culture, was about the value of industrial products. Three decades later, we now take that value for granted. Fear and Love goes further, and proposes that design is implicated in wider issues that reflect the state of the world.”

The multi-disciplinary exhibition will include work by OMA, the architecture practice founded by Rem Koolhaas, fashion designer Hussein Chalayan, designer Madeline Gannon and Architect Andrés Jaque to name a few.

Fear and Love: Reactions to a Complex World will open at the Design Museum from the 24th November until the 23rd April 2017. 




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