Review Round Up: Anastasia, Royal Opera House

The Royal Ballet perform Kenneth MacMillan’s full length ballet exploring identity in the wake of the Russian Revolution. 

The Independent: *** “Kenneth MacMillan’s work is an unwieldy mix of psychological insight and padding: not until the last act does the ballerina, superstar Natalia Osipova in this Royal Ballet revival, get the chance to really stretch her dramatic muscles.”

The Financial Times: ***** “a brave staging reveals the considerable merits of a ballet by a master of choreographic and emotional nuance.”

The Stage: *** “A fascinating, flawed work about a fascinating, flawed character.”

Evening Standard: *** “Two whole acts of very little happening — I’m pretty sure there was a lot of drama in the Russian Revolution, but none of it’s here — just for the final pay-off. There’s an excellent two-act ballet trapped inside here somewhere.”

The Telegraph: ** “an evening that, despite some rewarding moments, is in all conscience tricky to recommend.”

The Guardian: *** “Anastasia, too, was much criticised at its premiere in 1971, but in this case time hasn’t helped its cause. A radical re-edit and redesign in 1996 did little to fix its problems, and 20 years on, it is hard to see the point of its revival.”

London”It certainly merits being ranked alongside Romeo and Juliet, Manon and Mayerling as one of four great full-evening works by a master choreographer.”

British Theatre Guide: “was Anna Anderson mentally ill Polish factory worker Franziska Schanzkowska or was she the genuine article? MacMillan’s Anastasia does not resolve the issue.”

Anastasia will be performing at the Royal Opera House until the 12th November. To book tickets visit: , Discount ,Love, Theatre and UK



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