Released in UK cinemas on the 3rd February 2017, the official UK trailer for  German filmmaker Maren Ade’s new film Toni Erdmann  has been released. 

This new German comedy stars Sandra Hüller as Ines, a highly-strung career woman whose life takes a turn for the chaotic when her father, Winfried (played by Peter Simonischek), turns up unexpectedly at her place of work in corporate Bucharest.

An eccentric but charismatic divorcee with a penchant for practical jokes, Winfried goes to increasingly implausible extremes to re-enter the life of his estranged daughter. Little does he know, however, that Ines is more than capable of rising to the challenge…

Toni Erdmann was an acclaimed festival favourite and was one of the highest reviewed at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, where it competed for the coveted Palme d’Or.

Here is what some critics have said about it:

The Telegraph: ***** “Not only does German humour exist, it might just save your life.”

The Guardian: **** “It’s a film that starts out looking like a European version of Hollywood’s bittersweet generational pictures about lovably impossible dads, like Jack Lemmon’s Kotch (1971) or Alexander Payne’s About Schmidt (2002). But then it gradually mutates into something darker and more disorientating.”

Variety: “Maren Ade’s unique study of an estranged but mutually depressive father and daughter is a humane, hilarious triumph.”

The Upcoming: ***** “The climax is one of the best sequences of cinema in years. Ade bravely presses on for another 15 minutes; somehow, this, and her film’s other imperfections, actually add to its lived-in, exhilarating charm, and justify its fast-track to the canon.”

Time Out: ***** “the film’s no-nonsense, visually plain documentary-style of shooting feels utterly appropriate to its sly evocation of the absurdities and banalities of modern life. Just brilliant.”

Toni Erdmann is released in UK cinemas on the 3rd February 2017. 



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