REVIEW: Cinema in the Snow, Pop Up Screens, Hackney Showroom

Love a cosy evening with a classic Christmas film? With Pop Up Screens you can take a trip into a Winter Wonderland and get into the festive spirit at the same time. 


Pop Up Screens have launched their festive season with a showing of the warm hearted and uplifting film Elf, which also thanks to the festive surroundings leaves you feeling cosy, happy and full of festive spirit.

Location wise, the Hackney Showroom is a bit off the beaten track (depending on where you are coming from of course) but the effort to get there is worth it from the second you step through (literally) the wardrobe into a winter wonderland, filled with snow Christmas trees and atmospheric lighting.

Running until the 18th December, screenings will include It’s a Wonderful Life, Love Actually and The Muppet’s Christmas Carol to name a few – making it a fun place to visit for those of all ages.


Before you step into the wardrobe and the screening room, audiences are able to buy festive drinks including mulled wine and hot chocolate – which if you do take through the wardrobe with you beware that falling snow will fall into your drink and have to take out. So probably best to go through to the screening room without and find a seat before heading out and grabbing a drink then via different door at the back.

It is a genuinely cosy and unique experience for those who love to be able to socialise in a different way, helped by the wide variety of different films that Pop Up Screens will be showing meaning that you can have a different experience no matter how many times you go.

Elf was the perfect way to open this season’s screenings – gentle, laid back, funny and straightforward – that united the audience in laughter and fun, bringing out the big child in us all.

Yes, it would have been lovely to have had the location for the screenings in an easier location but for those who do pay a visit will leave feeling uplifted and charmed in equal measures.

Pop Up Screens season Christmas in the Snow will continue at the Hackney Showroom until the 18th December. For more information on screenings and to book tickets visit:

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

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