Ruth Wilson takes on the leading role in Ivo Van Hove’s debut production for the National Theatre – but what have critics made of it? 

The Guardian: **** “it forces us to see Ibsen’s masterpiece with fresh eyes and to recognise that, even in the age of instant divorce, there are still modern Heddas helplessly trapped in loveless bondage.”

The Telegraph: **** “we’re being presented with one of the performances and productions of the year.”

Evening Standard: **** “As for Ruth Wilson, she knows how to smile in a dozen different ways, and her Hedda is sharply attuned to the ridiculousness of the world she inhabits.”

The Stage: *** “Wilson’s Hedda is poised and compelling.”

WhatsOnStage: ***** “It is a dark and unusual vision, and produces a Hedda unlike any I have ever seen, devastating in its impact, a play full of pain and doubt.”

Radio Times:  ***** ” What makes this a must-see is Wilson’s ability to make Hedda a victim while also imbue her with a demonic spirit, a madness and a desire to destroy. She makes a chilling anti-hero.”

The Arts Desk: *** “this is an evening that is more visually satisfying than emotionally engaging. If you are in the mood to forgive its excesses, then Wilson is a memorable Hedda, switching neatly between kittenish curiosity and icy.”

West End Wilma: *** “cannot help thinking that not only has her character lost the plot but also van Hove too in finding any emotional truth in his interpretation of Ibsen’s tragedy.”

The Upcoming: *** “The nastiness van Hove and Marber have drawn out of Ibsen’s classic is often delicious. Yet it’s a venomous creation that disappointingly lacks the theatrical wallop the director managed in A View from the Bridge.”

British Theatre Guide: ” Patrick Marber, Ivo van Hove and co. hold it together throughout a 2½-hour production that has a surprising amount of humour and rarely loses tension, even if it may drift a little far from the original for some tastes.”

Time Out: **** “It’s a triumph for Wilson and a reaffirmation of Van Hove’s greatness. But it’s also a reminder of what a great year the NT has had, and the sort of world class, global talent it is now bringing together.”

There Ought to Be Clowns: “the production culminates in a succession of stunning but horrifying images, all correctly disturbing. As brutal a Hedda as you’ll get.”

Culture Whisper: *** “But in the hands of writer Patrick Marber and auteur Ivo van Hove the tragedy is dislocated from life and shattered into a series of symbols.”

Hedda Gabler plays at the National Theatre until the 21st March 2017. For more information and to book tickets visit:




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