Film Roles that Nearly Went to Different Actors…

Following the news that Robin Williams reportedly wanted to play Hagrid in the Harry Potter films, here’s a guide to some film roles which could have gone to different actors…

1.  John Travolta as Forrest Gump: now although it would be difficult to imagine anyone other than Tom Hanks starring in this classic film, it turns out that Grease star John Travolta turned the role down – a mistake which he later regretted.

2. Nicole Kidman in The Reader: although initially had said yes to the role that would earn Kate Winslet an Oscar, Nicole Kidman had to back out of the film due to becoming pregnant.

3. George Clooney in Thelma and Louise: considering Brad Pitt and George Clooney are good friends that they once were both up for the same break through part as J.D in Thelma and Louise. Both were unknown at the time, with George Clooney’s big break being his role in ER.

4. Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark: having just appeared in Star Wars, it seemed that George Lucas wasn’t keen on having Harrison Ford in another one of his films so soon and both he and Steven Spielberg thought Tom Selleck was perfect for the role of Indiana Jones. Unfortunately he wasn’t available as he was filming for the pilot of Magnum P.I – but it turns out that George Lucas was happy having Harrison Ford in the role in the end.

5. Jennifer Lawrence, Twilight: the Hunger Games star originally auditioned for the role of Bella in the now hugely popular film series but didn’t get the part. But considering she went on to be in another hugely successful film series it seems that disappointment didn’t hold her back.

6. Tom Cruise, Footloose: we have come to know and love Tom Cruise for his action films, but he was also first choice to play Ren in this 1984 film. Unfortunately he couldn’t do it due to a filming schedule conflict so Kevin Bacon took his place instead.

7. Mel Gibson, Gladiator: Mel Gibson reportedly turned down the role that Russell Crowe would go on to make famous because he felt that he was getting too old for that kind of all action role.

So who knows how some of these films might have turned out…







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