Five Reasons to See Hamilton…(Other Than Being Massively Popular)

If you don’t understand exactly what the hype is behind this Broadway show or need any more reasons to be excited about the London production, here is five reasons why we should all probably see it….


1. The relevance of the story couldn’t be better timed: yes some people have argued that perhaps the musical won’t be as popular over here as in America as it is an American part of history. But, in this time of change across the world the story of Alexander Hamilton (one of the Founding Fathers of the United States) who helped create change in America and presented a different outlook, it couldn’t be more relevant.

2. In the Heights: if you absolutely adored Lin Manuel-Miranda’s other well known musical, which follows a similar format (obviously the only difference being that it is set in a more contemporary society), then there is no doubting that you will want to see this. Will contemporary music in a historical period setting work?

3. Brings to life a part of history that is unfamiliar to us in the UK: again, people have pointed out that it isn’t necessarily a story that is going to resonate with people in the UK, being set in America, but isn’t it important to get to know and understand the history of a country to help us all move forward? There are probably lessons in this production and this part of American history that could equally teach us about which direction that we in the UK can move in – particularly in light of Brexit.

4. Combines music with storytelling effectively that makes us sit up and listen: part of why this musical has been so successful (in my mind anyway) is the use of R’N’B and Hip Hop to convey a story so effectively, yet doesn’t come across as patronising. Having finally sat and listened to the soundtrack from beginning to end, it is a score that doesn’t matter if you can see what’s going on or not, it is all being conveyed through the music and lyrics.

5. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ability to get younger audiences engaged with theatre: probably a slightly obvious reason, but the composer has hit on a way to get younger audiences into the theatre – without patronising them or making them feel its ‘uncool’ to go to the theatre. Instead he has hit on a fantastic new and modern way to capture their attention and engage them for a couple of hours, as I noticed when seeing In the Heights, the level of excitement was extraordinary – I can only imagine what it is going to be like when Hamilton opens over here.

Hamilton transfers to London’s Victoria Palace Theatre from November 2017. General tickets will go on sale at 12pm on the 30th January:


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