Review Round Up: Promises Promises, Southwark Playhouse

Does Burt Bacharach’s musical stand the test of time or is it a little outdated? Find out what critics have been saying here: 

Promises Promises artwork

Carn’s Theatre Passion: **** “a show which did deliver its Promises, Promises”

Jonathan Baz Reviews: **** “Promises Promises is a warm-hearted delight on a cold winter’s night.”

WhatsOnStage: *** “a spirited production that captures at least some of The Apartment’s original magic.”

The Independent: *** “Lagan’s production is persuasively cast and well-sung.”

The Guardian:  *** “The evening has its pleasures but it seems marinated in the 60s where they did things differently.”

Love London Love Culture: **** “Promises Promises  is a sparkling production.”

Evening Standard: ** “Bronagh Lagan’s charmless and pedestrian production.”

Broadway World: **** “an incredibly fun show that could easily be watched again and again – now that is a promise!”

The Telegraph: **** “Gabriel Vick and Daisy Maywood are real finds, genuinely rather than put-on charming, and strong of voice too.”

The Upcoming: **** “overall a heartwarming, hilarious and thoroughly entertaining musical: London can thank Lagan for bringing a little bit of the sizzling 60s into the city to cheer us out of our January blues.”

The Reviews Hub: **** “There is pure musical joy throughout the show.”

West End Wilma: *** “Promises, Promises can be interpreted as dated at times, that’s for sure. But put in the right hands and voices and some well-led performances, it can prove to be delightfully dated when it comes to the Bacharach standards.”

Exeunt Magazine: “With no critique or comment on the astonishing sexism, and little plot or character development, Promises, Promises is a tedious and jarring three hours.”

British **** “It is a lush, fine, gorgeous, romantic, exciting, panoramic spectacle.”

London Theatre1: **** “on the whole it is a well-devised and executed production of a classic musical.”

British Theatre Guide: “Gabriel Vick is completely adorable as Baxter, with some of the looks and charm of Jack Lemmon who starred in the film. There is a strong performance too from Daisy Maywood who is also a channel for Shirley MacLaine who starred as Fran. They have a chemistry and both sing well and work hard.”

Theatre Bubble: *** “the musical was ultimately overshadowed by the sheer ‘Trump’-like feel of the whole piece – bold and galling yet confident and brash – ah, the swinging sixties, all lights yet little substance.”

There Ought to Be Clowns: “Gabriel Vick and Daisy Maywood at least connect well as Chuck and Fran, especially on a delicately moving duet on ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’ ”

Gay Times:  *** “Promises, Promises stays true to what it originally was. While a potential miss on the glory that was the Broadway production, the use of the space and enthusiasm, alongside commitment of this cast, makes for a great night out at the theatre. We promise.”

The Times: *** “Burt Bacharach’s songs don’t at first enrich the storytelling, but in this Sixties musical’s second act the focus tightens and the show delivers.”

Time Out:  ** “The big moment in the hit 1968 production was always Bacharach’s Grammy-winning ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’, which closes the show here. It’s a spirited effort, and diminutive Daisy Maywood, as the jilted Fran, gives big, ballsy performances here and throughout that hinted at something better.”

Promises, Promises will play at the Southwark Playhouse until  the 18th February 2017. For more information and to book tickets visit:






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