Review Round Up: Jackie

Natalie Portman stars as the First Lady during the days in which her life was turned upside down. But what have critics been making of the film? 

The Guardian: *** “Natalie Portman’s performance is careful and intelligent, groomed and coiffed and vocalised.”

The Telegraph: ***** “few if any actors will have to shoulder the same burden of expressive responsibility this year – yet the never-better Portman simply shines beneath it, giving a performance of mesmeric complexity and commitment.”

The Independent: **** “At times, there is an operatic quality to the storytelling.”

Evening Standard: ***** ” So: a great and apt movie.”

NME: ***** “Jackie isn’t just a convincing and riveting depiction of a 20th century icon; it’s also a heart-rending portrait of a grieving woman trying to regain control when the life she knows is suddenly and cruelly taken away.”

Irish Times: ***** “Portman creates a rare, exotic beast that knows she’s facing imminent extinction.”

RTE: “Portman is a permanent presence, and often in close-up. That’s tough on an actor but Portman never falters with an inspiring, often subtle performance.”

Empire: **** “Whether this is an accurate portrait of the woman or not, Jackie brings its subject to vivid life. You will remember her.”

The London Economic: “It’s brutal, jarring and uncomfortable viewing at times.”

The Hollywood News: “This isn’t just any old biopic. Jackie is a touching retelling of a wife’s heartbreak, and the hard work she put into establishing a history for her family, for her husband.”

The Daily Mail: **** “Larrain’s film is darker and more subversive than it at first appears.”

IB Times:**** “It’s interesting to see a filmmaker boldly use such a shocking piece of history and turn it into a delicate, completely stripped-back look at how acts of violence affected one woman’s life, not just the nation.”

Jackie is out in cinemas now. 

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