Review Round Up: Hacksaw Ridge

Can Mel Gibson deliver in this new war film starring Andrew Garfield? Find out what critics have been saying about it here: 

The Guardian:*** “Hacksaw Ridge is an old-fashioned war film, melded with a kind of new-fashioned explicitly violent drama.”

Radio Times: **** “This respect and understanding for sheer human willpower is what Gibson does best, and it may be what the Academy sees in him.”

Den of Geek: *** “you’re left with a movie that functions as a diligently-crafted yet decidedly unsubtle blunt instrument.”

GQ: “Doss’ story is truly compelling and wildly inspiring”

The Telegraph: **** “War may be hell – but Gibson is here to harrow it.”

Empire: **** “Garfield underpins it all with skill, showing that sometimes, war can be humanising too.”

The Independent: **** “It’s rousing filmmaking with an exceptional performance from Andrew Garfield.”

The Metro: **** “the result is a something that, though harrowing, is a moving tribute to simple humanity.”

Evening Standard: ***** “It is hard to imagine this story, amazing in itself, being told any more powerfully than it is by Gibson, such an intently focused and confident director, giving each scene eidetic memorability, taking us straight to this climactic action by skipping over Doss’s equally distinguished prior service in Guam and the Philippines.”

Film List: *** “The bombastic effects and Simon Duggan’s creeping cinematography underscore both the carnage of combat and the strength of the human spirit, which can shine through even the most hellish of situations.”

Irish Times: *** “Gibson delivers a work that plays ruthlessly on the audience’s raw sensibilities.”

IB Times: **** “While a biopic doesn’t usually include such direct nods to the people that it centres on, here, it makes all that you’ve just watched appear so much more powerful and moving and will have you thinking about it for days after you’ve seen it.”

Hacksaw Ridge is released in UK cinemas today. 


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