Review Round Up: Fences

Denzel Washington directs and stars in this adaptation of August Wilson’s play. But what have critics been saying about it? 

The Guardian: *** “Fences is a fervent, prolix, stately but beautifully acted drama”

The Telegraph: **** “The great coup Washington delivers, beyond framing his co-star’s virtuous anguish so well, is the risky, brilliant, and frequently alienating performance he gives as Troy.”

NME: *** “It still has the remove of a play, but for that scene you feel like you have the best seats in the house.”

The Stage:*****  “Fences is a story of powerful humanity”

Love London Love Culture: ***** “a raw, intense and gripping piece of drama that never loses its way”

Empire: ***** “There are no frills, no flights of fancy or footwork to distract and relieve. Yes, you’ve got to work hard for this film, but by god, it’s worth the graft.”

Evening Standard: **** “Washington keeps things simple. Some people welcome faithful adaptations but to me they’re like a gorgeous rose with no smell.”

City Am: **** “Watching this tale of family woe is never comfortable, but those looking for Oscar-worthy performances will find a master class waiting for them.”

The Independent: **** “within its own limitations, this is a magnificent piece of work, with exceptional performances from Washington and co-star Viola Davis.”

Den of Geek: “it’s a powerfully rewarding watch that is very much worth protracted effort.”

Screen Rant: *** “Fences is a perfectly serviceable film based on an acclaimed play, but a more daring adaptation method would have been necessary for Wilson’s celebrated work of theater to resonate just as strongly in a different medium.”

Culture Whisper: **** “For those who can take a sustained piece of wrenching drama, however, Fences delivers the goods with hard-to-match intensity.”

Time Out: **** “There’s a hothouse atmosphere to this domestic drama that works well on screen.”

Fences is in cinemas now. 



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