In honour of Valentine’s day, here is some of Love London Love Culture’s favourite romantic songs from musicals…. 

1. All I Ask of You, The Phantom of the Opera: operatic, dramatic and filled with powerful emotion this is truly a song for the great romantics out there as well as one of the most memorable songs created for The Phantom of the Opera.

2. Something Good, The Sound of Music: who doesn’t love this moment in The Sound of Music when the Captain and Maria finally realise their true feelings for each other? It is perfectly captured in this lovely duet in romantic surroundings – quiet but definitely heartfelt!

3. Can You Feel the Love Tonight?, The Lion King: it is one of the most memorable songs from the film, due to its beautiful lyrics that are understated but filled with emotion that makes it a favourite among Disney and musical fans.

4. Saving All My Love For You, The Bodyguard: it would have been very easy to go for the easy option from this musical, but personally this song really showcases the ache and pain of love (yes I know it’s Valentine’s Day – but love has problems attached to it as well) as well as the devotion that it can inspire.

5. I’ll Know, Guys and Dollslove is all well and good – but how do you know what to look for as this song from the classic musical asks. Obviously the story between Sky and Sarah proves that opposites attract – but this song shows just how different they are in their ideas of love and yet somehow they manage (in the end) to find common ground.

6. Three Little Words, Ghostarriving just before an important part of the show, this song reveals the different ways in which we can express our love for each other – and not just through words. Beautifully sung the times that I have heard it live and just as good to listen to at home.

7. True Love, High Societynow Bing Crosby knew exactly how to make people sit up and listen to his rich voice and in this beautifully romantic song, you really get a sense of the sincerity he puts into singing this song. Understated and elegant.

8. Beauty & the Beast, Beauty & the Beastwhile the title might not suggest romance, from the opening note the song’s gentle melody is gorgeous and speaks clearly about the uncertainty of love and first impressions. Stunning.

9. A Whole New World, Aladdin: being in love is supposed to open your eyes to new possibilities and opportunities, this is what this song so wonderfully expresses in a scene that works fantastically well on stage as well as screen.

10. As Long As You’re Mine, Wickedthis is the poignant moment when you realise that being an outcast can be ok if you are with the one that you love. Well expressed in the idea that everything will be ok when you are with the person that you want to be with.



9 thoughts on “Most Romantic Songs from Musicals

  1. Great choices! Something Good from The Sound of Music is such an underrated musical song. I also think All I Ask of You would be a perfect song for a wedding!

  2. The love songs I love from this list are “As Long Your’e Mine”, “All I Ask of You”, “Something Good”, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, “A Whole New World”, and “Beauty and the Beast”.

    The thing with “As Long As Your’e Mine” is that it is the song that you wouldn’t expect at all. You wouldn’t think that Fiyero and Elphaba would end up together due to Elphaba singing about unrequited love in the first act. The shift in unrequited love from Elphaba to Glinda is quite fascinating and makes the love triangle extremely complicated. “As Long As Your’e Mine” sounds very mature and mystical due to the melody of the song and the mist.

      1. There are an incredible amount of memorable musical couples in existence. A lot of these memorable couples comes from not just loving the characters, but from loving their main song

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