Review Round Up: Patriots Day

Mark Wahlberg stars in this thriller about the real-life events which happened in Boston four years ago. But does the film offer fascinating insights into the day’s events or is it too soon to be telling the story in film? Here is what critics have been saying: 

The Guardian: *** “The strong narrative pulse overrides the irritation of Wahlberg’s blue-collar alpha-saint.”

Irish Independent: ***** “This human cross-section, spliced archive clips and visceral location shooting, create a throbbing sense of the city’s pulse that becomes the engine of Patriots Day.”

The Telegraph: *** “Patriots Day is stirring, well-acted, moving and built with conviction and flair. But a film about such a senseless attack shouldn’t be scared, now and then, to make a little less sense.”

Evening Standard: *** “It leaves Patriots Day, although deeply upsetting, curiously purposeless. Perhaps it will come into its own as a near-document of the event, as time distances us from it? In that case, why is it drama and not documentary altogether? For now it seems little other than a municipal piety.”

Empire: *** “Topical, gritty, and competent to a tee, Peter Berg’s movies have also become stonkingly predictable of late.”

Herald Scotland: “Whether or not you know what ensued, the tension is skilfully cranked to the max.”

Scotsman: **** “a film that’s undeniably tense and about as exciting as action movies get. Yet it never feels exploitative or artificially emotive.”

Irish Times: *** “Patriots Day is not big on insight or inclusiveness. But as a police procedural and later a white-knuckle ride in which cops give chase to bad guys, it’s flawless.”

City Am: *** “the film loses its way, falling into cliched crime thriller territory, when it chooses to focus on the police investigation over the experience of ordinary citizens.”

The Upcoming: **** “Patriots Day is not perfect, but it is a respectful portrayal of a tragedy and steers clear of being too exploitative. Berg ultimately delivers a poignant tribute.”

Time Out: **** “smart, gripping and unexpectedly sensitive”

Patriots Day is in cinemas now. 

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