The new trailer for the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film has been released – so what can we expect from the film based on this trailer? 

Having watched and enjoyed (the majority) of this swashbuckling film series, you can’t help but wonder if there is anywhere left for it to go. But if this trailer is any indiction, there is still plenty of life for Captain Jack Sparrow yet.

In the same way that At World’s End and Dead Man’s Chest took a much darker tone in comparison to the original film  ( and if unnecessarily complicated), Dead Men Tell No Tales seems to be the darkest and most sinister one to be released yet.

With Javier Bardem joining the cast as a mysterious and quietly sinister villain, the glimpses that we get of him seem to be a much more convincing character than perhaps Ian McShane was as Blackbeard in the fourth film.

Obviously, the film is still as action packed as ever, with plenty of CGI being used to transform certain cast members and create a variety of effects – which even seen in the trailer might slightly overwhelm the film to make it seem realistic.

But fans probably won’t mind so much about that as Captain Jack is still very much at the heart of the story – getting himself into as much trouble as it is possible to do. But there is a question as to how much longer Johnny Depp will be happy to play the roughish pirate given his enjoyment of playing a variety of quirky roles rather than sticking to one character.

There is a question also about whether it is the last film in the series and if it is there is plenty of pressure on the directors to ensure that it ends on a high note that will please the loyal fans. It is emphasised that in the trailer that it is the final adventure but who knows what could happen.

It is clear that there is plenty of enthusiasm and adventure in the film, but the darker element suggests that this is a film that has taken a different direction to the previous releases. Will it pay off? We will just have to wait until the 26th May to find out…


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