NEWS: Kerry Ellis and Brian May Announce Brand New Album

Brian May and Kerry Ellis have announced that they will release their second album together through Sony Music on the 7th April. 

Golden Days

Titled Golden Days, this new album follows their debut album ‘Anthems’ which was released in 2010.

This latest release for the duo will feature thirteen tracks including five new compositions, two by Brian May and the other three by May and Ellis. The album will also feature new rock arrangements of some of the pair’s favourite songs of all time including a tribute to guitar virtuoso Gary Moore.

Talking about the new album Brian May said: “This album is a true collaboration between Kerry and myself. Five years ago, Anthems was the result of me producing an exciting new artist – Kerry Ellis. This new record has both our names on it, and breaks new ground. We produced ourselves together as a team.”

The pair toured their debut album in 2011 and have since played five other series of dates in the UK and Europe.

Golden Days is a collection which includes May’s radical rock re-arrangement of the classic Born Free, the May-Ellis The Kissing Me Song, a re-cast of Ruth Moody’s powerful One Voice, and a new version of Amazing Grace.

Kerry Ellis said: ““This new album has been a real journey of discovery and I feel so proud of how Brian and I have developed over the years; we have learnt how to work together and inspire each other to create special performances and music.”

Golden Days will be available to buy through Amazon from the 7th April. 

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