Review Round Up: Beauty & the Beast

Emma Watson stars in Bill Condon’s remake of the classic animated film – but will it stand the test of time in the eyes of the critics? 

Daily Review: ** “It is destined, if not to fade into obscurity, then certainly to fade in one way or another: the consequence of existing only in reference to something else.”

PopMatters: “while the CGI extravagances are amazing and the human elements show promise, they never work together to create something noteworthy and original.”

Variety: “The new “Beauty and the Beast” is a touching, eminently watchable, at times slightly awkward experience that justifies its existence yet never totally convinces you it’s a movie the world was waiting for.”

The Sun: **** “Disney’s new take on its 1991 animated version is ambitious, confident, charming and while not without faults, pretty much the perfect family film.”

The Telegraph: **** “Condon has done virtually everything in his power to make this film work, down to a sugar-rush finale which makes the star cameos pay off like bonus punchlines”

Consequence of Sound: “Condon attempts to justify Disney’s revival by adding a few little touches, and pads out the plot with brief new songs”

Hollywood Reporter: ” despite all the palpable budget spend on fancy computer effects, it’s the cheaper, old-school, real-world bits — like the big ensemble dance sequences or the moments when the actors interact directly with each other rather than with greenscreen illusions — that pack the biggest wallops.”

The Independent: *** “Overall, though, this feels more like a re-tread than a re-invention of the first Disney film. It’s certainly not a beast of a movie but it’s not a beauty either.”

Empire: **** “An unabashed musical with its heart on its sleeve and energy to spare, it’s decidedly unbeastly.”

Time Out: **** “lively and modern – but also honours the love for the original film”

The Wrap: “This new mainly live-action Disney version of the oft-told story directed by Bill Condon feels largely perfunctory. Where it flounders most is on the miscasting of several crucial roles.”

The Guardian: *** “machine-tooled for sweetness, with flashes of fun, destined to be the centrepiece of a million teen sleepovers.”

Beauty and the Beast is released in cinemas on the 17th March. 

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