Ellen McDougall’s production of Shakespeare’s tragedy is currently playing at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse – but what have critics been saying about it? 


The Stage: **** “Ellen McDougall’s stunning staging tells the many stories of what it means to be female in this play.”

The Guardian: *** “The cast go for a low-key, conversational style that sometimes comes across as underpowered and colourless, and not all the performances are sharply defined. But if the evening doesn’t fire on all cylinders, it has moments and scenes that make you sit up and see the play afresh.”

WhatsOnStage: ***** “this play is not just one man’s tragedy but society’s as a whole.”

The Independent: **** “The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse could have been made for this very production of Othello.”

Exeunt Magazine: “Ellen McDougall’s stunning production for Shakespeare’s Globe plays down – but doesn’t deny – Othello’s racism, and instead, drags its rampant misogyny into the spotlight.”

British Theatre Guide: “Those with a deep knowledge of the play may miss some of the poetry but more noticeable is the way this staging emphasises not only the male theme of jealousy and revenge but the way the women in it are treated.”

The Times: *** “Adding a strong feminist slant to Shakespeare’s play makes for a fascinating interpretation — but not a tragic one.”

The FT: **** “It’s a powerful and revealing reading, though it does a little more than it needs to make its points.”

The Upcoming: **** “It speaks of Othello “as I am”, creating a haunting dialogue between the past and present by drawing a picture that remains real and can be understood.”

Broadway World: **** “this is an atmospheric production with stirring performances, and by stripping the play back to basics, it highlights what’s important and makes for a truly memorable experience.”

British Theatre.com: *** “Ellen McDougall’s production is characterised by its intriguing modern inflections, and distinguished by a number of excellent performances. Although some of the stylistic choices left me unmoved, this is a solid and entertaining piece that does justice to the strength of the source material.”

Live Theatre UK: “The final product is provoking in good and bad ways, and leaves the nagging thought that behind the plethora of interventions lie a lack of confidence or belief in the original’s ability to stand on its own feet.”

Othello continues to lay at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse until the 22nd April. For more information and to book tickets visit: http://www.shakespearesglobe.com/theatre/whats-on/sam-wanamaker-playhouse/othello-2016