A guide to Shows Need to Watch on… International Dance Day

If you love dance in either a musical or more traditional dance based show, here’s a few shows you need to either book for or visit today…. 

1. The Red Shoes, by Matthew Bourne and New Adventures


Currently proving to be a sell-out success on its current UK tour, this latest Matthew Bourne and New Adventures production is based on the 1948 film of the same name, proving popular with audiences and critics alike. It features some of the most exquisite choreography that you will see on stage this year – if you can get tickets!

2. An American in Paris, Dominion Theatreit is a musical that feels more like a story told through dance rather than the classic songs by Ira and George Gershwin, combining ballet with a more contemporary style that is both graceful and elegant to watch, thanks to the lead performances of Robert Fair Child and Leanne Cope and of course the direction and choreography by Christopher Wheeldon. To book tickets visit: Ticketmaster.co.uk, Last Minute.com, Love Theatre.com, Theatre People.com and UK Tickets.co.uk

3. 42nd Street, Theatre Royal Dury Lanefeaturing choreography by Randy Skinner, this is one of the biggest tap dancing spectacles ever seen on stage. Filled with glitz and glamour it is a show that really celebrates dancing and is wowing both critics and audiences – hopefully set to stay in London for a while yet. To book tickets visit: Ticketmaster.co.uk,  Discount Theatre.com, Theatre Tickets Direct.co.uk, Love Theatre.com, Theatre People.com and UK Tickets.co.uk

4. Half Sixpence, Noel Coward Theatre:  everyone in the cast of this well received production are so light on their feet – not least Charlie Stemp who dances around the stage with style and charm. Andrew Wright’s choreography perfectly captures the spirit and charm of the musical, fitting in with the music beautifully. To book tickets visit: Discount Theatre.com, Theatre Tickets Direct.co.uk, Love Theatre.com,Theatre People.comUK Tickets.co.uk, Last Minute.com and Ticketmaster.co.uk

5. Thriller Live, Apollo Theatreas well as the music of Michael Jackson, a lot of this concert style show relies on the energetic and exciting choreography by Gary Lloyd that really captures what it must have been like to have watched Michael Jackson performing live. To book tickets visit: Ticketmaster.co.uk, Discount Theatre.com, Last Minute.com, Theatre Tickets Direct.co.uk, Love Theatre.com, Theatre People.com and UK Tickets.co.uk

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