REVIEW: Bridget Jones’s Baby by Helen Fielding

Can London’s best loved singleton finally get everything she dreamed of? 

Bridget Jones's Baby

This latest book in the series follows Bridget as she goes through the highs and lows of pregnancy – uncertain of who the father is.

It is still the same old Bridget with a whole new set of problems and she is still very much a character that readers can still relate to – but somehow given the shortness of the book, it feels as though the series is running out of steam.

Coming fast on the heels of the recent film, Bridget Jones’s Baby is filled with the sort of mayhem and chaos that fans of the series have become used to and is always warm hearted and affectionate.

In Bridget, Helen Fielding has created a very modern heroine with many elements about her that many people can relate to, never shying away from making a fool of herself and always trying to make the best of a bad situation.

But the story makes it clear that there is very little place for the characters to go – no room for further development in comparison for what we had already seen and read in the previous books. Daniel Cleaver is still as immature as ever, while Mark Darcy is still emotionally restrained and Bridget despite the idea of becoming a mother can’t quite pull herself together to add a different layer of the character.

While overall the story and Bridget remains endearing, the reader can’t help but feel that perhaps with its repetitiveness of ‘smug mothers’ and ‘singletons’ it doesn’t feel as though it is a series that can or wants to continue much further.

But it is still a light and entertaining read that will still delight fans of the series. A great summer read.

Bridget Jones’s Baby is available to buy through Amazon now. 


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