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New York. A city that runs on ambition – and coffee.

In the offices of a notorious Manhattan magazine, a group of ruthless editorial assistants vie for their bosses’ jobs and a book deal before they’re thirty. But trapped between Starbucks runs, jaded gossip and endless cubicle walls, best-selling memoir fodder is thin on the ground – that is until inspiration arrives with a bang…

The Independent: **** “Longhurst’s production has a buoyancy that serves the play’s mordant verve well.”

WhatsOnStage: *** “for all the charge of its bolt from the blue, Gloria comes to rely on coincidence and contrivance. In the end it spins once to often and, rather than taking off, Michael Longhurst’s production rather loses velocity.”

The Stage: ***** “Gloria is just glorious, ultimately. It’s the second invigorating UK debut in as many months from an insightful, intelligent, impish and hugely welcome transatlantic voice.”

Exeunt Magazine: “It’s a spiky and spooky second half that leaves the most of the audience equal parts nervous and hooked.”

The Guardian: **** “Michael Longhurst’s production keeps the action whizzing along”

The FT: **** “Michael Longhurst’s snappy staging relishes the cut and thrust.”

The Times: *** “It’s a slick production with dialogue that is Stanley-knife sharp, but it starts to lose its way.”

The Telegraph:**** “the evening’s essential thrill is unmistakable: the sighting of a major new talent. It blazes bright, if not quite yet in excelsis.”

A Younger Theatre: “Gloria examines the ownership of lived experience, and does well to ghost the life of its narrative with trauma. Also profoundly comic, Jacobs-Jenkins communicates an unforgettable moral within his story: be careful what you wish for.”

Broadway World: **** “Michael Longhurst’s production is slightly stymied by the play’s uneven pacing – from harried to meandering – but is otherwise sharply compelling.”

Time Out: **** “Jacobs-Jenkins is excellent on the cruel, cannibalistic cycles journalism, publishing and TV are spiraling into.” 

Evening Standard: **** “While a few exchanges lack real zip, the performances are absorbing. The pick of them comes from Morgan, the most nimble among a cast full of shape-shifters.”

There Ought to Be Clowns: “Colin Morgan and Kae Alexander stand out as the most ruthless of the assistants.”

The Upcoming: **** “another exquisite night from America’s most exciting and challenging playwright.”

British Theatre Guide: “Michael Longhurst does a good job with his English cast, although some of the speeches rattle along at such a pace that the language can get swallowed to the point of unintelligibility.”

Gloria’s run at the Hampstead Theatre has now been extended until the 29th July. For more information visit:





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