PREVIEW: Exit the King, Ventnor Fringe Festival

Playing as part of the Ventnor Fringe Festival from the 9th  August, Graham Pountney stars in this latest production by Theatre Reviva! 


Before midnight, 29th January 1649. In the morning King Charles I will face the executioner. The Parliamentarians have won. Through his last long night, the King thinks back across the events that led to this end. His friend Oglander from the Isle of Wight has sent a manservant to keep the King company, someone to listen, not to speak. From his childhood in Scotland, his coronation, the uprisings and the long Civil War, Charles considers how many things have gone wrong, how so much might have been different.

Written by Felicity Fair Thompson and performed by Theatre Reviva!’s Graham Pountney, Exit the King plays as part of the Ventnor Fringe Festival before it heads to the Nomad theatre later this year.

The performances will take place at 6pm at the Pier St. Playhouse (Ventnor Baptist Church) between the 9th and 12th August, with tickets costing between £4.50 – £9.00.

For more information about the production and to book tickets visit:


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