Playing as part of the Brighton Festival Fringe from the 15th to the 24th May, Close Quarter Productions presents two short plays about love. 

when Love Grows Old

When Love Grows Old is formed of The Romance of the Century and The Weatherman, both written by Giles Cole, exploring love in older age and directed by Graham Pountney.

In The Romance of the Century, an elderly couple are waiting for the Queen to come to tea. Are they deluded? Confused? Or are they once the most romantic (and royal) couple in the world? The play will star James Woolley as ‘David’; Virginia Stride as ‘Bessie’ and Fiona-Jane Weston as ‘Lilibet’

Meanwhile, The Weatherman is a story of two old friends reflecting on love, infidelity and the inability to remember someone’s name, when the conversation takes a darker turn. It will star David Henry as Alfred and Andrew McCulloch as Charlie.

Graham Pountney is a director, actor producer. His career  has encompassed Rep theatre in the UK and International touring, working with the Royal National Theatre and in London’s West End. He founded the British Actors Theatre Company in the late 1980s with Kate O’Mara and was a founder and director of The Original Shakespeare Company in the 1990s performing before Her Majesty the Queen in the opening ceremony of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. He has also recently set up his own theatre company Theatre Reviva! in April this year.

When Love Grows Old will appear as part of the Brighton Festival Fringe from the 15th to the 24th May. It will play at the Sweet Waterfront 1. To book tickets visit: