Green Forms and Say Something Happened will play at the Nomad Theatre East Horsley, Surrey and The Minghella Theatre, Quay Arts in Newport. 

Directed by Graham Pountney, Artistic Director of Theatre Reviva!, the comedies will be performed at the Nomad Theatre from the 24th to the 28th October and the The Minghella Theatre, Quay Arts from the 3rd to the 5th November.

Green Forms follows the story of Doreen and Doris who work in Precepts and Invoices, an obscure business department in a large organisation. A flurry of requisition forms signals this is not a normal day: economic storm clouds are gathering, and someone has their eye on them. A shadow is falling across their tranquil lives. Are they about to be fired?

Meanwhile, Say Something Happened is about Arthur and Elizabeth Rhodes who are married and in their 60s and receive an unexpected visit from Social Services in the form of eager, but inexperienced, June Potter; she needs to register at-risk elderly people. Able-bodied Mam and Dad have no intention of being listed. June resorts to her notes on Conducting Interviews and no-nonsense Mam sorts her out.

Theatre Reviva! is a new theatre company who are based at the Nomad Theatre in East Horsley in Surrey, aiming to serve the local community  with popular, entertaining and thought-provoking theatre.

For more information about Theatre Reviva! visit:

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