REVIEW: Blues Brothers – Summer Special, Hippodrome

An entertaining and fun show that captures the spirit of the Blues Brothers brilliantly.

Filled with a variety of music that span across a wide variety of genres,  Blues Brothers – Summer Special is lively and energetic from beginning to end.

Part of the reason that the show works well is down to the way in which each song seems to flow seamlessly into the next without a breathe in between. Every song featured whether it is ‘Jailhouse Rock’ or …. it keeps up the pace effortlessly that time passes surprisingly quickly.

The choreography is sharp and playful, adding much fun to proceedings – particularly during ‘Stand By Your Man’ and ‘Shake a Tailfeather’. Given the size of the stage, some of the steps feel a bit tentative and hesitant, but perhaps that isn’t surprising given the limited space.

Yet despite the energy, it also feels as though the production is lacking a little in ‘wow factor’, with perhaps a little more interaction among the cast needed as it can feel they aren’t working as part of a team.

There is also a feeling that the structure can begin to feel slightly repetitive and overly long.

But despite this, the song selection and the general gusto the show provides means you can’t help but enjoy yourself. This is helped along by the vocals of all of the cast – but in particular Helen Hart and Hannah Kee as the Styx Sisters, whose sassy delivery of numbers such as ‘Think’ and’Respect’ really get the audience going and enthusiastic, while adding another layer to the show.

Meanwhile  Joshua Mumby as Elwood and David Kristopher-Brown as Jake have great energy shown through different ways – but Kristopher-Brown just slightly stronger vocally given the range of different songs that he sings throughout. It would have been great to have seen a bit more banter and conversation between the pair to give it that feeling that they are a team, rather than just taking it in turns to sing the lead vocals.

But for those who love a bit of music nostalgia, this is a great way to spend a couple of hours reminiscing. It is a spirited show guaranteed to make you smile and have you singing along.

The Blues Brothers Summer Special will take place at The Hippodrome from the until the 26th August. For more information and to book tickets visit: 

Rating: ❤❤❤

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