With a lot of popular and conventional romantic comedy films in the mainstream, it is often easy to forget those which don’t get the same amount of attention for reasons unknown. Here’s Love London Love Culture’s guide to some of the best underrated romantic comedy films…

10. The American President – this 1995 film starring Michael Douglas and Annette Bening is as smart as it is romantic, adding politics into the mix to make this a story equally about conflict of interest as it is a love story. The script is smart and the story while pretty straight forward is endearing.

9. Wimbledon – if there is something that British film makers are really good at then it is making a romantic comedy film that is filled with humour, warmth with just a hint of conflict. Wimbledon might be essentially slightly fluffy entertainment – but the chemistry between Paul Bettany and Kirsten Dunst is surprisingly genuine and believable. It is worth watching even just once.

8. Working Girl – this might not necessarily have been an underrated romantic comedy, but it is certainly not shown as often as it should be. It is an ultimate feel good film that is about the lengths you have to go to get what you want, encased in a love story involving Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith. Working Girl is the one romantic film that has you cheering in the final scenes about how things turn out.

7. French Kiss – critics might have had mixed opinions on this Meg Ryan film, but it has a lot of charm about it to make it endearing. The plot might be simple in terms of Kate simply trying to get her partner back with the help of Luc Teyssier (Kevin Kline) but it is the number of twists and turns along the way that make it surprisingly endearing.

6. The Wedding Date – this 2005 film starring Dermot Mulroney and Amy Adams is charmingly gentle and easy to watch. It might not be high up on anybody’s radar but thanks to a wonderfully varied cast who play quite a collection of characters it has a little spark about it that puts a smile on anybody’s face.

5. Serendipity – there’s nothing better than a romantic comedy with a twist and this film certainly ticks this box. A chance encounter, a decision to let destiny decide if the couple in question are meant to be together leads to some hilarious moments. It does bring to mind Sleepless in Seattle in terms of plot twists, but has a completely different approach that makes it just as charming.

4. Picture Perfect – in between filming seasons of Friends, Jennifer Aniston was making a name for herself in many films – but it was Picture Perfect that is a definite highlight in her film career of the 90’s. In a similar way to Working Girl, Kate needs to do whatever it takes to prove to her boss (who she fancies) that she is more than capable of doing a big job – even if it means having to get a fake fiancé in order to prove it.

3. One Fine Day – two single parents struggling to manage to cope with their jobs and kids depend on each other to help ease the stress in this romantic comedy that has plenty of twists and turns. Oh, and George Clooney and Michelle Pfieffer star – what could be more perfect?

2. Roman Holiday – a Princess and a journalist meet under unusual circumstances in this touching and beautiful romantic comedy (if bittersweet at the end). Audrey Hepburn won an Oscar for her role as Princess Anne, but yet this film seems shamefully forgotten as a classic, filled with humour and directed by the wonderful William Wyler. It is worth  a watch for anyone who is cynical about love at first sight.

1. America’s Sweetheart – with a stellar cast and some great jokes at the expense of the film making industry, America’s Sweetheart is definitely an underrated romantic comedy that is guaranteed to make you laugh countless times – not just thanks to the presence of Billy Crystal but also a sharply delivered script by all of the cast.


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