The award winning production will embark on a UK tour from the 4th November. 

Sex Worker%27s Opera 7 - photo by Julio Etchart.jpg
(c) Julio Etchart. 

Having been devised in 2014, the Sex Workers Opera will be embarking on its first UK tour, following successful runs at venues across the UK, Ireland and Greece.

Formed of 50% sex workers, the show allows those involved in the business to tell their stories on their own terms, through opera with hip-hop while incorporating  sound art, projections and poetry.

Created through a series of workshops run by XX (Experimental Experience theatre company), featuring over 60 stories sent in from around the world, and a cast and crew of at least 50% Sex Workers, this is a rare opportunity to hear stories from a hidden and misrepresented world from the workers themselves.

It is an ongoing project, with stories still coming in as text, video or audio interviews from individuals and grassroots groups from places such as India, Argentina, Ukraine, Taiwan. 

Co-Director, Siobhan Knox said:” Everyone has an opinion about sex work, even if it’s a joke or something they’ve heard on TV. Art and the media portray sex work in a very one dimensional way, it is either extremely glamorous or extremely tragic, and one of the messages of the show is that sex work is human, it is not good or bad it’s just complex.”

The production is co-directed by Siobhan Knox, Clare Quinn and Alex Etchart. Meanwhile the tour dates for the production are as follows:

4th and 6th November Mumford Theatre

9th – 11th November Theatre Delicatessen

16th – 18th November Tropicana

22nd November – 2 December Ovalhouse

For more information about the production and tour visit:



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