Here’s a few favourite images of London that Love London Love Culture has captured…


Taken as Love London Love Culture was about to walk across Waterloo Bridge, this image captures two favourite London landmarks as the sun was about to set.



Walking along the riverside to the Shakespeare’s Globe offers some beautiful views of the city particularly in the evening – so it is well worth taking a stroll if you are able to.


The glorious Royal Albert Hall particularly comes to life in the evening , offering this lovely shot of the popular musical venue in all its glory. It has recently hosted its festival of film as well as the world premiere of latest film Murder on the Orient Express.


Captured as Love London Love Culture was heading to the Udderbelly Festival, which take place over the Summer months ,turning the Southbank into a buzz of activity – it is well worth a visit for its huge number of different shows catering for all audiences.


Taken on a rare(ish) sunny day in the capital, while walking across Tower bridge you can just make out the intimidating walls of the Tower of London – an immensely popular tourist attraction with its tales of horror, crime and of course the crown jewels!


Kensington Palace is also a place that is worth a visit, currently display an exhibition devoted to the fashion of Princess Diana. This picture was taken in the palace’s gardens, which are lovely to visit on a sunny day.




Captured one evening on the way back from a trip to the theatre, Piccadilly Circus is constantly busy with theatregoers visiting the likes of the Criterion Theatre (The Comedy About a Bank Robbery) or the Piccadilly Theatre (Annie the musical).

9 thoughts on “Love London Love Culture’s Favourite Images of London: November 2017

  1. Big Ben, The London Eye, and the Tower Bridge are three places I saw when I was last in London. In addition, I got to see Westminster and go to Evensong there and sit in the quire. I also got to see King’s Cross and stop at platform 9 3/4. Saw Buckingham Palace as well. I ended up going to Eucharist at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Also got to see some of the West End theatre on my way with my family to the Queens Theatre and Les Mis was a show I saw with my mom. London is such a wonderful city

      1. It reminds me of New York, just more spread out. I only got to spend four and a half days in London, but I still got to see London as a beautiful city. I spent most of my time in Bristol on that trip since my church’s choir was in residence at Bristol Cathedral.

      2. London is much more spread out than New York. When I left London, I honestly did not know if I would like Bristol or not, but after a few days, I learned to enjoy it. Other places I visited for one of the trips outside of Bristol were Salisbury, Bath, Berkeley, and one place was outside of England, which was Chepstow, and Windsor. So that trip was such a wonderful trip with all the different places I visited

      3. Next time I am in England, I want to spend my entire trip in London since I barely got to experience it. I would do some of the same things in London, just do more. London is also beautiful at night

      4. The original reason why I wanted to go to London in the first place was just to see a guard: that was me as a kid.

        Then in 2013, I found a new reason to want to go. It was my dream to see Les Mis in the West so I got to fulfill it in 2015.

        London means something to me

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