Review Round Up: The Thrill of it All by Sam Smith

The Grammy and Oscar winning singer returns with his second album. Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews…

The Guardian: *** “There’s a certain power to The Thrill of It All, but it could have been a much more potent album if they’d laid off the polish just a little.” **** “an undeniably accomplished album that will, deservedly, shift a helluva lot of copies.”

Variety: “easily one of the best pop albums of the year, and not just because it’s so brilliantly despondent.”

Rolling Stone: **** “Smith’s second LP knights one of the mightiest, most expressive vocalists of his generation.”

Consequence of Sound: “The Thrill of It All is best when he stretches out of his comfort zone.”

The Times: ** “There is a suggestion of renewed purpose to his second album, but if only he would break out of the slick/retro pairing he made his name with.”

Slant Magazine: *** 1/2 “The production on this album is as spare and judicious as its predecessor’s, sometimes bringing in brass sections for swinging R&B but just as often favoring spacious atmospherics.”

All *** 1/2 “this album maintains a consistency and intensity that places it slightly above the debut.”

The FT: ** “One bids The Thrill of It All goodbye more gladly than Smith’s vocal talents deserve.”

Irish Times: ** “On The Thrill of It All, a title so deadpan amid the overly produced misery, the thrills are few and Sam Smith is as guilty as hell.”

Evening Standard: “There’s certainly a new lyrical boldness evident but, alas, Smith still sounds like a wet dishcloth, for all the carefully worded confessions, tasteful old soul arrangements and cute hooks on songs such as One Last Song.”

Press Play OK: *** ” if Sam Smith did sing about someone new then he’d lose his old schtick, and it seems very clear from this record that this is a risk he’s 100% not willing to take.”

The Metro: ** “And even to the untutored ear, it’s obvious the 25-year-old is a fearsome ninja of vocal technique. Which makes the ‘thrill’ in that title doubly baffling, because it doesn’t relate to anything in this mannered and self-consciously ‘moving’ soul-blues set, where every string swoon, vocal quiver and, most tiresome of all, the heaving tic so relentless the only thing it makes you feel is seasick, is a cue shouting at you to FEEL.”

The Thrill of it All is available to buy and download now



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