Review Round Up: The Architect by Paloma Faith

The latest album from the singer includes the single ‘Crybaby’ – but what have the critics been making of the album? 

The Guardian: *** “there’s fun to be had in Til I’m Done’s plastic disco shimmy and the skipping, featherlight pop of Kings and Queens.”

NME: *** “The Architect may not quite be the album she thinks it is, but it should cement Faith’s position in the top tier of British pop singers.”

The Times: *** “combines disco-pop escapism with social conscience in a way that is certainly heartfelt, if not always convincing.”

Press Play Ok: *** “this is a spider diagram of a record that seems excitable, distracted, and a thought stream that occasionally takes in the world around it.”

Irish Times: *** “This is the politics of pop, an unashamed statement calling for humanity, love and empathy – with The Architect she is rebuilding Faith in more ways than one.”

Newsday: *** ” Throughout “The Architect,” Faith uses catchy melodies and her powerful, distinctive voice to push forward an infectious sense of positivity.”

Essentially Pop: “It’s ambitious, failing in places, but it’s a welcome return to music for Paloma Faith”

A Bit of Pop Music: “In terms of sound, The Architect is a beautiful progression of the sound that Faith is already known for.”

Will 2 Listen: “‘Crybaby’ and ”Til I’m Done’ inject elements of funk which I prefer to the generic pop structures which dominate this record. Sadly they’re not enough to save this record which in its attempt to rally for a change leads a march to nowhere. Her intentions were good, but her execution is lacking.”

The Scotsman: *** “The Architect is more old-fashioned than old school.”

Noizze: “The Architect is nothing but a pleasurable listen, and its story arch feels so fluid and honest, that it almost feels like a conversation with a good friend or even pages out of her diary.”

Music News: **** “Slick, glossy and well produced this is maybe not her most characterful sounding release, although her debut will always be hard to top on that front, but it is one that will stick with you and make you think.”

The Architect is available to buy now

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