NEWS: Aubaine Restaurant Launches Vegan Menu to Champion Veganuary

The French restaurant is launching a new vegan menu to champion Veganuary, a celebration of all things vegan throughout the month of January.

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This new menu, which is available across all six of the restaurant’s central London locations, is comprised of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes that bring Veganuary to life on a plate – with each dish having been designed by Aubaine chefs.

Available throughout January, the nine new dishes are new contemporary twists on French classics for example beetroot & green apple tartare with avocado and mushroom bourguignon with carrot bacon, alongside modern creations such as roasted cauliflower steak with turmeric, smoked paprika and pomegranate. For those who love their desserts, ingredients such as  70% dark Peruvian organic chocolate, delicate mandarin and succulent raspberries are used to tempt diners.

The menu is as follows:


Beetroot & green apple tartare

Avocado & orange dressing

 Roasted cauliflower

Turmeric, smoked paprika, pine nuts, pomegranate, lemon oil


Mushroom bourguignon

Mashed potato, carrot bacon

Butternut squash risotto

Fried sage, walnut crumble

Portobello & black bean burger

French fries


Polenta & poached plum cake

Mandarin sorbet

Raw 70% dark Peruvian organic chocolate & raspberry brownie 

Raspberry sorbet

Celebrating French cuisine, Aubaine’s new vegan menu can be found at all  of its central London locations which can be found in: Brompton Road, Mayfair, Selfridges, Hyde Park, Kensington, Marylebone, Broadgate Circle, Heddon Street and Deli Covent Garden.

For more information about the menu and the restaurant visit:

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