REVIEW: Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher

Warm and cosy to curl up with, this sequel to Billy & Me realistically portrays the difficulties of a long distance relationship. 

Always with Love

Easy going and always entertaining to read, Giovanna Fletcher has written a relatable story filled with endearing characters – which written by anyone else could come across as too sweet, but is surprisingly natural here.

The story follows Sophie as she struggles to adjust to being the girlfriend of famous film star Billy Buskin. But when they take a trip to see his family in LA, he is quickly swept back into the crazy world of Hollywood and the paparazzi, leaving Sophie wondering if their relationship will last the distance.

Throughout, the author writes with clear affection and warmth for all of her characters, making it easy for the reader to pick elements of Sophie and Billy’s lives and characters to identify with. But also she never purely focuses on the romantic relationship at the centre, Always with Love also concentrates on Sophie’s relationship with her mother as she prepares to get married and move on from the devastation of her first husband’s death which is really touching to read.

Every situation that is covered in the novel feels as though Giovanna has put her own personal touch on it without feeling unnecessarily sentimental which is another reason why this book is a pleasure to read.

It showcases how Sophie develops as a person effectively and the way that she deals with situations – particularly having to find her own way without Billy’s help with regards to the media and social media situations that are dotted throughout. But it is clear that Giovanna has perhaps used her own relationship and struggles with long distance to help form the shape for this novel – making it feel deeply personal.

Gentle and easy to read, this is a great book to cosy up with in front of a fire.

Always with Love is available to buy now

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