First Impressions of…Mary Poppins Returns

A new trailer for the eagerly anticipated sequel to the classic 1960’s film has been released. Here’s what Love London Love Culture thinks we can expect… 

It is no secret that P.L. Travers didn’t really approve of the original Mary Poppins film (just watch Saving Mr Banks for proof of that!) so it would be interesting to see what she would have made of the news of a sequel to the film that she didn’t really want happening in the first place.

While this teaser trailer doesn’t offer much to go on in terms of what we can expect from the plot, it does however suggest that this is a much more sombre and grown up offering with its melancholy score underpinning a little boy chasing a kite (in a nice throwback to the original) and suggesting a different era.

But the trailer also offers elements of nostalgia that will please those who are affectionate about the original film – including a nice little quip by Emily Blunt to her reflection in the mirror in stark reminder to Julie Andrews in the original film.

While it is lovely that the film will perhaps contain elements of the original, hopefully the film will also create new moments that the new generation being introduced to the magic of Mary Poppins will appreciate in years to come.

Disney is certainly good at keeping elements of their original films and then adapting them for a newer audience and it will be expected that Mary Poppins returns will continue along those lines and the fact that little dialogue is spoken suggests that they want to keep as much of the magic tucked away as possible to keep the audience guessing and the magic of Mary Poppins alive.

But the main question that runs on my mind is – would P.L. Travers approve of this latest adventure involving her magical nanny?

Mary Poppins Returns is set o be released in cinemas this Christmas. 


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