NEWS: Cast Announced for The Gift of the Gab at the White Bear Theatre

Casting for the world premiere of Simon David Eden’s The Gift of the Gab has been confirmed ahead of the production’s run at the White Bear Theatre from the 15th May. 

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Directed by Simon David Eden, the world premiere is set to star: Ross Boatman, Madalina Bellariu,Michael Roberts, Charlie Allen, Ivanhoe Norona, Harold Addo and Lewis Bruniges.

1979. The bitter Winter of Discontent. The whole nation is at war with itself, battling industrial strikes, severe unemployment, crippling inflation and fears over immigration and home-grown terrorism. But that’s not going to cramp the style of a den of thieves in Brighton. Unreconstructed, old-school grifters, they live by their wits and some very shady mores and morals. But even they know the end of an era is nigh and their days are numbered, so each is after one last big score before the law and society’s shifting sands catch up to them. And if that score should happen to contain a priceless lost memoir and a beguiling young waitress from Naples, so much the better!

Simon David Eden’s play uses humour to reveal the ignorance that starts casual bigotry and the fallout for any group or culture when greed drives individuals to put themselves before all others.

The production will feature lighting and sound by Chuma Emembolu, set design by Sim E. Sigh and costume design by Devon Opp. It is produced by Shiny Pin Productions.

The Gift of the Gab will play at the White Bear Theatre from the 15th May until the 9th June. For more information visit:

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