Interview With…Katie Arnstein

The writer and performer chatted to us about bringing Sticky Door to the Vaults Festival.

(c) Simon Jefferis.

Hi Katie, could you explain a bit more about what we can expect from Sticky Door? Hello! Sticky Door is a one-woman show with original songs about my journey to becoming the woman I am today. It is set in 2014 when I was living in London and dating. It covers sex, shame and cystitis. It talks about the challenges I have faced being a woman and the strength I have found from those around me.

This is the third part of the trilogy – how did you come up with the idea for the plays initially? They are all semi-autobiographical and I wanted to share some of my experiences of growing up, sexism and the challenges I have faced, whilst writing comedies. Bicycles and Fish is set in my school
days when I’m 16, Sexy Lamp is about my dream of becoming an actor and moving to London and Sticky Door is about dating and working out what kind of woman I want to be.

Given that its now 2020 and #MeToo is a really big issue – why do you think sexism is still so prevalent in society? I think sexism is one of the biggest challenges we face as a society. Feminism (the advocacy of
women’s rights on the ground of equality) is not a negative word but has been deemed to be so as a way of repressing women and the movement. I think there is still sexism because it is so ingrained in our society. The man who is Prime Minister, the highest position we have in the country, has said
that women go to university to find husbands. Sexism is still so prevalent because it comes from the top and trickles through every part of our society. I am grateful for the progress that has been made, but we can’t talk about it when there is still so much change to fight for.

How are you feeling about bringing the show to VAULT Festival? I’m very excited – and nervous! VAULT is such a fantastic festival run by people who really care aboutthe work they are showing and the artists who create the work. The festival has honestly changed my life. I have been able to share three new pieces with London audiences because of VAULT and was
able to go to Edinburgh last year with their help – VAULT Festival is remarkable.

Is there anything that you hope that audiences will take away from Sticky Door? Sticky Door has been created by an all-female team – myself, Ellen Havard, the director, and Beccy D’Souza who is producing. I hope the audience leave feeling full of happiness and empowerment but I also hope that people will come and say “I want to make something”, get a kick ass team around them and then make it! I hope we can add our voices to the growing noise against sexism and the patriarchy. I also hope they come and see the full It’s A Girl trilogy on Sunday 16th of February (there isn’t a bath in the world big enough for that plug).

After VAULT Festival – what is next in store for you? Beccy, Ellen and I are touring Sexy Lamp, part 2 of the trilogy, around the UK which is a dream come true. We start in March and I am so excited to share the show with audiences up and down the UK.After that finishes in July, who knows but we I will try to keep on making and doing!

by Emma Clarendon

Sticky Door will play at the Vaults from the 11th to the 16th February.

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