NEWS: The VAULT Festival to Return in 2022

The festival will return to its home at Waterloo from the 25th January 2022 with its biggest programme to date. It has been announced that The VAULT Festival will be returning to London to celebrate its 10th anniversary with its biggest programme to date. Produced by VAULT Creative Arts, next year’s festival will feature over… Read More

Interview with…Mimi Monteith

The playwright chats to Emma Clarendon about being able to put on her play Last Call for Closure at The Vaults in November. Could you tell me more about what Last Call for Closure is about? Have you ever been in the situation where you’ve been invited to a friend’s birthday at the pub, and… Read More

PREVIEW: Dante’s In- Furlough, The Vaults

This new immersive theatre experience is inspired by  Shel Silverstien’s epic poem ‘Billy Markham and the Devil’ – written for PlayBoy in 1977. Prepare to take a journey to the underworld in this new immersive experience, now booking from the 15th October until the 30th December. The Devil is getting hitched! And given what’s going on up… Read More

NEWS: The Vault Festival is Postponed Until 2022

The team behind The Vault Festival has decided to postpone the next full, live version of VAULT Festival until 2022. Taking into consideration the financial and safety risks broughtabout by COVID-19 and that each festival takes ten months to create, the organisers have concluded that the decision is in the best interests of its artists,… Read More

REVIEW: Splintered, Vault Festival

Big, bold and colourful, yet Splintered never forgets to draw focus on the struggles that queer women from Trinidad and Tobago go through in coming out. Stylised as a cabaret and carnival inspired show, Splintered arrives at the Vault Festival to offer plenty of personality, energy but equally importantly a chance to examine the troubles… Read More

Interview With….Carla Garratt

The actress chatted to us about being part of Bible John, playing at the Vaults Festival from the 12th February. Hi Carla, could you explain a bit more about what Bible John is about? Bible John is a play that looks at female obsession with true crime. Four women, who could simply be anyone, discover… Read More

Interview With…Charlotte Dowding

Emma Clarendon chatted to the performer about being part of Splintered, performing as part of the Vaults Festival. Hi Charlotte- could you tell me more about Splintered?  ‘Splintered’ as in Splintered from society (chipped off, explosive) is a 3 person show, created from interviews with queer Caribbean women from Trinidad and Tobago. We have an MC to lead… Read More

Interview With…Katie Arnstein

The writer and performer chatted to us about bringing Sticky Door to the Vaults Festival. Hi Katie, could you explain a bit more about what we can expect from Sticky Door? Hello! Sticky Door is a one-woman show with original songs about my journey to becoming the woman I am today. It is set in… Read More

PREVIEW: Hexborn’s School of Sorcery, The Vaults

The Vaults and Fat Rascal Theatre have announced a new immersive dining experience, running from the 15th September. Following on from previous immersive dining experiences such as Dinner is Coming, Red Palace, Aladdin and The Feast of Wonders, Divine Proportions and Beauty and The Feast, The Vaults has announced a new magical themed dining experience in collaboration with Fat… Read More

Interview With….Millie Thorne

The creator and performer chatted to us about bringing Pigeons on L’edge to the Vaults Festival. Would you tell me more about what Pigeons on L’edge is about? Pigeons on L’edge is a comedic bird’s eye view into the world of retail. The story is told by the Pigeons who live on the ledge of a… Read More