NEWS: The Show Must Go Online Announces Livestreamed Production of Ian Doescher’s William Shakespeare’s A Christmas Carol

The OneOff and two-time OnComm award-winning The Show Must Go Online have announced it will be presenting a livestreamed production of New York Times Bestselling author Ian Doescher’s William Shakespeare’s A Christmas Carol.

Streamed live on the 19th December at 7pm, the production will then be available to watch for 48 hours following. The news of this production follows the company having performed all of William Shakespeare’s First Folio over the last thirty six weeks.

Ian Doescher’s William Shakespeare’s A Christmas Carol reimagines the Dickens classic taking place in the Elizabethan era. Scrooge is the penny-pinching owner of a playhouse, and both the apparitions that visit him and the characters he encounters are drawn from Shakespeare’s plays. It offers an imaginative twist on a Christmas classic, ideal for Shakespeare lovers or first-timers.

Directed by Emily Ingram, the production will star: Tiffany Abercrombie (Beatrice Cratchit), Michael Ahomka-Lindsay (Ferdinand, Benvolio, First Witch), Jordy Deelight (Chorus, Tim, Balthasar, Macduff’s Son, Second Witch), Maryam Grace (Puck, Pistol, First Gravedigger, Second Guest), Michelle Kelly (Martha, Juliet, Rosencrantz), Wendy Morgan (Ebenezer Scrooge), Ruth Page (Romeo, Third Witch, Miranda), Sarah Peachey (Swing, First Guest), Matthew Rhodes (Swing, Peter), Kevin V. Smith (Marlowe, Nym, Prospero, King Hamlet), Ahd Tamimi (Benedick Cratchit, Mercutio), Joy Tan (Macduff’s Daughter, Belinda), and Emilio Vieira (Falstaff, Second Gravedigger, Guildenstern).

Tickets for the performance are pay-what-you-can, starting at £5 with recommended donations of £15. Tickets can be purchased here.

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