The world premiere of this musical will take place at the Cockpit Theatre next month.

Casting has been confirmed for the upcoming world premiere of Love Goddess The Rita Hayworth Musical, which will play at the Cockpit Theatre from the 18th November until the 23rd December.

Directed by Steve North, the production will star: Almog Pail (Rita Hayworth), Simon Kane, Imogen Kinglsey-Smith, Jane Quinn and Joey Simon.  

Presenting a new musical from New York about one of the greatest movie stars who ever lived. Considered by many to be the most beautiful woman of her day, Fred Astaire’s all-time favorite dance partner, and the bride Orson Welles wanted more than any other woman in the world, there is only one Rita Hayworth.

Crowned the “Love Goddess” by her adoring fans, Rita Hayworth thrilled studio executives, servicemen, and movie audiences alike, generating big box office in 1940s/50s Hollywood. Yet she struggled to identify with the bombshell image projected of her, marrying and divorcing five different men in her search for a partner who loved her for who she truly was. As Hayworth’s story unfolds, we meet Orson Welles, Fred Astaire, Harry Cohn and other extraordinary figures in her life, all presented through the fractured prism of her deteriorating memory due to a then unknown cause: Alzheimer’s. 

Having originally started as a solo show, created by performed by Almog Pail entitled Me, Myself and Rita and Love Goddess, the Cabaret, it has been evolved into a full musical, with the cast of five portraying 40 different characters. It features 12 original songs by Composer-Lyricist and Music Supervisor/Arranger Logan Medland.

This new musical features choreography by Jacqui Jameson, musical direction by Archie Combe, set design by Mayou Trikerioti, lighting design by Danny Vavrečka, costume design by Alice McNicholas, sound design by Nick Burkinyoung and casting by Danielle Tarento.

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