A new trailer of the fifth film in the series has been released – here’s a few thoughts that we have about it.

Let’s all be honest the fourth Indiana Jones film was a bit of a mess – it lacked in many ways that we as audiences have come to expect from the franchise. Which is why I’m surprised to find that the trailer for this latest one feels exactly how an Indiana Jones film should feel like: plenty of action, adventure and hopefully plenty of well judged humour.

But it does have to be said that there does seem to be a much more reflective aspect to this film that tinges it with an element of sadness and nostalgia as well, with the return of certain characters as well as new ones (hello Phoebe Waller-Bridge!) on this latest and probably last film in the series. The key aspects of the trailer hint at Indiana trying to lead a quiet life in the 1960’s – but of course he isn’t going to get and its clear that what he teaches now has moved on from what we have seen from him in the earlier films in the series.

Now given what happened in the fourth film (I’m still not buying the alien aspect of it all) I’m still slightly concerned that in terms of the plot it might over-reach and do too much – but from what I can see in this trailer what appears to be a bunch of ex-nazis involved with proceedings suggest a more grounded and believable approach to the story. However, what is also evidently clear is that this film will merge the past with the present – but as to how it will all work remains to be seen.

Through this trailer it also seems as though there are plenty of references to previous films in the series – including a moment in which he attempts to take on a group of criminals with only his whip – only to be confronted by guns and bullets. References like these are certain to please fans of the franchise and making it feel as though the series has come around in a full circle pleasingly. But let’s hope it doesn’t get too serious and retains that sense of humour that makes these films so popular.

Around Harrison Ford, there is an absolute stellar supporting cast as well and it will be interesting to see how Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mads Mikkelsen and Antonio Banderas for example all fit into the the film. There is certainly going to be plenty of excitement surrounding this film when it is released in June this year.

Will Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny be simply a chance for nostalgia? Or will it bring something different and act as a reminder of what a great action film can be? Only time will tell – but I have to say from my perspective I’m confident no matter what it will be a lot of fun to watch!

By Emma Clarendon