Our favourite singleton is back! A brand new film and brand new bump in Bridget’s life – so what can we tell from the first trailer of the film released today? 

So Bridget is back to square one – single but at the same time judging by her new job loving life until she discovers she is pregnant – but is  the baby Patrick Dempsey’s or Colin Firth’s?

Judging from the trailer, this new film seems to have another dimension to it that was lacking from the last film (which wasn’t in honesty as brilliantly funny as the original) and with the addition of Patrick Dempsey adds a different character to mix up proceedings.

Interestingly, three different endings were filmed to prevent spoilers being released – so very few people actually know the outcome of the film.

It will be great to see how Bridget copes with pregnancy and whether it will make her become more sensible and mature – let’s hope not! It is the fact that she stumbles her way around life that makes the character (played hilariously well by Renee Zellweger)so likeable with audiences (and of course fans of the books).

But the one concern perhaps about this film is the potential that it will recycle jokes that we have already heard in the previous films but told in a different way.

It is great to see that Jim Broadbent and Gemma Jones are back as Bridget’s parents, hopefully causing some more awkward moments for Bridget as well!

So what can we tell from the trailer? Well aside from the fact that the majority of the cast are back (no Daniel Cleaver/Hugh Grant in this outing) and that Bridget is pregnant not much is given away in the hope that spoilers won’t ruin the surprise.

So audiences will just have to wait and see exactly what to expect when it is released in UK cinemas on the 16th September.