It seems that Disney is taking a much more grown up approach to film making at the moment, remaking old animated classics into films that adults can enjoy. Disney’s recent success with Cinderella proves that these stories don’t just have to be for children.

With the new trailer for their latest adaptation of The Jungle Book, it certainly seems to be a more lively and action pack affair than the original.

The sharp editing means that we only get flashes of some of the characters that we remember from the original film and book as well as a hint of the narrative of one boy’s journey through the jungle.

But will it be as affectionately remembered as the animated version? For obvious reasons it is too early to tell but judging by the high quality of the CGI it is hard not to wonder if the film won’t be flawed in other ways particularly in terms of character development.

However, you can’t help but also wonder if this version might be closer to the short stories that Rudyard Kipling originally wrote in comparison to the animated version, allowing a more complex plot to be involved.

Whatever happens we still have to wait until next year to find out for sure, but it seems like Disney is going through a coming of age period.


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