First Impressions… Beauty and the Beast

It’s here!It’s finally here! The first teaser trailer for Disney’s live action remake of Beauty and the Beast has been released, and its really very clever! 

Disney is on a roll at the moment with its remakes of its classic animation films (well – with Alice in Wonderland being the exception to the rule), and this looks set to continue on the same path.

Ok so the trailer doesn’t give very much away, except for the classic soundtrack as the camera takes viewers on a tour of the castle, where much of the action is set. The haunting music is both comforting and familiar to those who adored the original animated film.

Yes we get one out of focus shot of Emma Watson as Belle, yet still no major clues are given away about the Prince or any of the other characters – with Disney trying to keep as much undercover as possible. This is great as it means that those eagerly awaiting a full length trailer are now in an even higher state of excitement – which is rare in trailers these days which tend to give much of the film away.

We also hear the voices of Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen as Cogsworth and Lumiere repeating a famous line that will also reassure audiences that the film will stick firmly to original animated one in tone and (hopefully) in style.

While that is about all we can gather from the trailer, it is plenty to get audiences intrigued and eager to see what else the film will have to offer. Roll on 2017!

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