The winner of Best British Film at this year’s BAFTA awards and based on Colm Tôibín’s best selling novel has plenty to recommend it and here is a list of five good reasons why you need to watch it (in no particular order): 

5. It’s a truly moving and heartwarming story: telling the story of one Irish woman’s journey of uprooting her life from Ireland to New York to create a new future for herself is inspirational and charming to watch. But it also shows the struggle of choosing between  two very different lives beautifully.


4. Saorise Ronan’s performance as Eilis: to watch the way that her character develops from a timid and shy girl trying to find her way in New York to becoming a confident woman who knows what she wants in her future is a beautifully judged performance.

3. A great list of supporting talent: the cast also features wonderful performances from Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent, who may not be in it that much but when they are provide wonderful and equally balanced support to Saorise Ronan – but never taking away from her story in their performances.

2. The wonderful costumes and stunning locations: what adds to the film’s appeal is the costumes by Odile Dicks- Mireaux that not only capture the era perfectly but the development of the character – particularly Eilis towards the end when she turns up in this bold and confident outfit – it shows how far she has come.

As for the locations in Ireland, it really captures its country at its most refreshing and vibrant – well directed by John Crowley.

1. It is a gentle film that draws you in and grabs your attention from beginning to end: thanks to the screenplay by Nick Hornby it isn’t a film that messes around it gets straight to the heart of the story. The characters are well developed and given plenty to do, making sure that the audience is emotionally engaged with the story throughout.

Brooklyn is released on DVD on Monday 29th February. 




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