PREVIEW: Marilyn & Sinatra, Jermyn Street Theatre

While they were known better individually as Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra, this play written and directed by Sandro Monetti explores their relationship from the 50’s until her tragic death. 

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Running at the Jermyn Street Theatre from the 15th to the 21st August, Marilyn & Sinatra tells the story of the relationship between the two icons, who briefly lived together during the 1950’s and managed to stay close right up until her untimely death.

As well as being written and directed by Sandro Monetti, the production will star Erin Gavin and Jeff Bratz as Frank Sinatra.

The play has already proved to be a hit in Los Angles and New York, making its debut on the London stage following a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Talking about the play, writer and director Sandro Monetti said: “Marilyn and Frank Sinatra have always intrigued me but I thought every story about them had been told. Then I discovered that they lived together in Beverly Hills for five disastrous weeks in 1955. It was just after his heartbreaking split from Ava Gardner. He’d lost, to his mind, the most beautiful woman in the world.  And then God sent him the sexiest. But their time together was like The Odd Couple. He was a neat freak; she was messy. It was never going to work out. It seems the sex was great but the relationship was a disaster!”

Erin Gavin has played Marilyn Monroe in a number of different productions and projects in America. She is best known for her roles in Footballer’s Wives, Taggart and Still Game. 

Meanwhile, trained jazz musician Jeff Bratz was a top 12 finalist on America’s Got Talent. His stage roles have included the Emcee in Cabaret, Dr Frankenfurter in The Rocky Horror Show and  Judas in Godspell.

Marilyn & Sinatra will run at the Jermyn Street Theatre from the 15th to the 21st August. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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