Review Round Up: Golden by Kylie Minogue

The singer has released her fourteenth studio album which includes the songs ‘Dancing’ and ‘Stop Me From Falling’ – here’s what the critics have been saying about it…

The Guardian: *** “While aesthetic shifts have been crucial to her career, Golden feels like the first time the window dressing is a distraction from a flawed yet deeply admirable album.”

NME: *** “Listening is generally fun, but not particularly difficult: at its most contrived, this album almost sounds focus-grouped for the malls and airports of Trump’s America.”

Irish Times: *** “With its bleats and Moroder-style beats, it has all the familiar thematic hallmarks of a Kylie classic: the liberation and salvation to be found spinning around in the darkness of the club, the unifying moment under the glitter ball.”

MusicOMH: **** “Golden stands alongside her classic records; in a world of disposable music, Kylie’s return is welcome and shows how slick, smart pop music should be done.”

The Telegraph: *** “Apart from the smattering of country inflections, there are no great surprises in store. But the ballads Radio On and Music’s Too Sad Without You suit the emotional intimacy Kylie can conjure when she sings soft and close to the microphone, and there are a couple of cute driving songs, A Lifetime to Repair and Shelby ’68.”

Attitude: **** “for the most part boot-scootin’ CountryKylie has found a nice new niche – and she’s a lot of fun to hang around with.”

Slant Magazine: *** 1/2 “If nothing else, Golden further bolsters Minogue’s reputation for taking risks—and artfully sets the stage for her inevitable disco comeback.”

The Atlantic: “Partly recorded in Nashville, Golden is dusted with fingerpicked guitars and double-time hoedown refrains and liberal use of the word whoop. But its version of rural Americana is knowingly filtered and fetishized from afar, much like a spaghetti Western, that genre of Italian-made cowboy flicks of which The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is sheriff.”

All *** 1/2 ” it’s pretty darn bold, though, and proves that she’s still game for just about anything and able to make whatever she does sound exactly like herself.”

Huffington Post: “Her voice shines throughout and has a raw, ‘live’ feel to it, which perfectly complements the personal, storytelling quality of the lyrics.”

The FT: ** “The thin straining vocal and misconceived country-pop motifs that we encounter on “Love” are, alas, more characteristic of this leaden album.”

Press Play Ok: ** “Golden comes across as clearly the work of someone playing dress-up in another genre without any of the chops to give it weight. A valiant attempt, but one that Kylie Minogue doesn’t even come close to pulling off.”

Golden is available to buy and download now

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