The singer’s latest album is filled with disco infused songs that will get people on the dance floor.

It is not often that you can find an album that follows on from its predecessor so nicely but Kylie has managed to do that here with ‘Tension’ a dance infused album that captures just how easily as a singer she adapts styles to match current trends but still retaining that distinctive sound that she has.

Following on from 2020’s ‘Disco’, this latest album fizzes with energy and creativity from start to finish in a pleasing way – even if in places it feels a little bit over the top as heard on ‘Hold Onto Now’. But there is of course plenty to enjoy on the album overall – including the vibrant and catchy ‘Somebody to Love’ that oozes in charisma and is a real highlight of the album as is ‘One More Time’ which has classic Kylie written all over it.

‘Padam Padam’ was of course one of the summer’s biggest hits and its bold and confident sound is a real joy to listen to from the start and has a sense of playfulness about it that effectively sweeps the listener in and shows just how adaptable Kylie is infusing current music trends into her own music. She still has plenty to say and her energy and passion for it is very much on display.

Meanwhile, it is a real pleasure to listen to the funkiness of ‘Green Light’ that keeps everything playful and light, with the lyrics proving to provide pure escapism, while 10/10 provides a dazzling energy and feels distinctly European in style. ‘One More Time’ is certainly one of the most sexiest sounding songs on the album, filled with attitude and combining disco with a contemporary vibe that is a joy to listen to.

The overall vibe of the album is one of a party and you can’t help but be swept into it all, with the inclusion of songs such as ‘Hands’ which is understated but brings to mind songs on her previous album Disco, while ‘Just Imagine’ and ‘Tension’ are extremely dance infused and shows how the album is constantly able to evolve and adapt.

Tension is an album that was made for dancing to – so listening to each song at home for your own enjoyment might not have the same impact as enjoying them live – but until then it is a fabulous album that is uplifting to listen to from start to finish.

By Emma Clarendon

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐